Buy A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road First Edition by Christopher Aslan Alexander (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store . This month my debut novel comes out: Alabaster. Although it’s not set in Khiva, I’ ve drawn on my experiences of living there and elsewhere in. A Carpet Ride to Khiva by Christopher Aslan Alexander, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Though he is very respectful of local customs and fond of the people, he maintains a carpft wry sense of humor about some of his acquaintances’ actions, statements, and experiences which I enjoyed immensely.

He has evidently worked hard in researching before setting pen to paper and yet the content does not feel heavy.

Arslan, I need you to tell me. There, he closely studies the evolution of gluttonous caterpillars munch on their endless supply of mulberry leaves, to spinning their silken cocoons with the actual silk that will be used in weaving the carpets. This site uses cookies. With me khivq Andreas, a world-class German violin-maker turned team-mate. It’s complicated when you dearly love a screwed-up and beautiful country that rejects you or who you are forced to leave.

He turned this into an opportunity to learn the language and integrate rather fully into the local culture and economy. To describe Uzbekistan as a failed state implies that it might at one time have been a successful one and is misleading.

A Carpet Ride to Khiva : Christopher Aslan Alexander :

Though many of us who live overseas may have become quite cynical about ineffectual NGOs represented by either ridiculously naive volunteers or jaded, if not arrogant, development consultants who drive around in SUVS and sip cocktails under ceiling fans among the other foreigners in any given city on the backpacker circuit, the reality is that there are a number of people who are dedicated to doing what they can to make the world a better place.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Like most of the tourists he refers to in the book, I couldn’t afford a handmade silk carpet, although it was VERY tempting. I stay in my old room which is feels unfamiliar with the absence of my stuff and an en-suite bathroom installed where my bed used to be.


A Carpet Ride to Khiva : Seven Years on the Silk Road

However, each year large lateral tree branches fell in the heavy winter snow and these were collected. Mar 12, Bertil rated it really liked it. This view was challenged when I stopped a group of middle-aged Uzbek men squatting outside their homes, to ask for directions.

Having seen the devastation — whole neighbourhoods that looked like war-time Warsaw — I was a little sceptical that turning up with a packet of tissues and a messiah complex was really going to be much help. Be the first to ask a question about A Carpet Ride to Khiva.

A Carpet Ride to Khiva | HandEye

Erkin is joining the masses heading to Russia for casual work this summer, in order to make ends meet. We find a taxi, which takes us to the Andijan rire where we change money on the black market.

That being said, I found myself enjoying the book – the trials and tribulations of working on projects in Uzbekistan and the depictions of Khiva itself.

The result is an unforgettable true story of a journey to the heart of the unknown. Kniva should we be improving? May 13, Linda rated it really liked it. It felt a little bit awkward and self conscious at the beginning, but it was a fascinating look into a different world.

But far more, it is a fascinating insight into the everyday lives of a khivq country. The next morning the train leaves the desert and we pass through the Khorezm oasis. Maybe there were some in the print version but not the electronic version I read.

Seven Years on the Silk Road. Zulhamar invited me to their tashkil savings party, which is still going, and I joke about not getting paid from last time, as I never got to host before leaving the country.

Open Preview See a Problem? Though I chose to leave, part of me is still there. I read this in preparation for an upcoming trip to Uzbekistan and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Lawrence, Alexander goes native and immerses himself in the cultural landscape of his new home. Not only is Chris caarpet talented author though believe it or not this is his first book! Back to Khiva November 25, Oct 04, Kathryn rated it liked it Shelves: He incorporates an incredible amount of historical and cultural crapet within the text in a way that enables the reader to learn a vast quantity of information without realising it, as he weaves these gems into the storyline and introduces fact through the medium of everyday life as it was for him.


So much so that he makes himself a life there, making and selling carpets but things are short lived because troubles brew and he finds himself separated from the life he is used to. Andrea received a sympathetic hearing when handing in these documents, but the answer was still clear; I had to leave.

The final chapters, in particular, offer a sobering account of how precarious life can be as carper international development worker, especially for those who caret to work in countries with governments that do ohiva conform to Western ideals of democracy and openness. In spite of all this, the book still finds much to celebrate in the culture of Uzbekistan.

The hardest thing for most was the feeling of being stripped of their human rights as kidnappings, extortion, theft and flagrant and systematic ethnic discrimination against them became the norm. Trivia About A Carpet Ride to I doubt I will ever get there but thanks to Christopher I have a good idea of the place. Refresh and try again. I read this while capret around Uzbekistan and tk provided a great deal of context and insight into the reality of life in a country that, as a tourist at least, almost feels too good to be true.

Be a global citizen.

More than just a tableau of Khiva, the book also paints a picture of a foreigner’s integration into the community. I think we both sense that, had he had a business partner kbiva business accumen, he could have been prosperous and successful by now.

Even God has forgotten us! Read this for research on an upcoming trip to Uzbekistan. Hopefully it will inspire others to embark on similar ventures. And then – given the craziness of the local politics – he left on holiday and could not get a visa to return under any circumstances. We tried to figure out some kind of logic behind the accusations, not least; why would I be spying for Switzerland and what was worth spying on in the Pamirs?