The meaning of women’s rights varies with nationality and culture. For Souad, who grew up in the late s in a tiny, remote village in the Palestinian Territory, . Review: Memoir: Burned Alive by Souad Bantam. MARGARETTE DRISCOLL. May 16 , am, The Sunday Times. Press £ pp At the tender age. Burned Alive is the first true account ever published by a victim of an “honor crime.” Souad’s inspiring testimony is a shocking, moving, and.

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Review: Memoir: Burned Alive by Souad Bantam | The Sunday Times

It was my mother. We came back from the fields, and found my mother lying on the floor on a sheepskin. He always wore a suit, and alife carried a briefcase and he had a car. I was afraid of going up a ladder when my father was below.

Concealed behind a curtain, my body smelt so much that the passengers on the plane taking me to Europe protested.

souqd I decided to do everything I could to speak to him, at the risk of being beaten or stoned to death. There were four girls of marrying age in our household.

Burned alive

That well was my greatest terror, and my mother’s too. By burning her with the baby. I am so glad I have read this book. Then I discovered that a neighbour, Wlive, had asked for me.

He leant over and took the baby away, without showing it to me. Her account of the botched burning that was supposed to end her life has been criticized as not accurate because the body of work is from ‘recovered memory.


I looked the book Attention burend I have never met any other burned women. My sister was beaten by her husband and she brought shame on our family when she came home to complain. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Burned Alive: A Victim of the Law of Men

But I said yes to that woman. The possibility of our mother dying preoccupied us more than the death of a sister, because there were always other sisters. A single ray of hope threw Souad, helped her grow, and yet, also suffocated her. My legs, which hadn’t been burned, provided replacement skin until there was none left to give.

My brother-in-law was there, he was coming towards me.

I also do not believe it has anything to do aljve religion as much as cultures. Our mother was often beaten, just as we were. As long as I lived with my parents, I feared I would die suddenly.

Where I come from, being born a girl is a curse: I was 18 by then and had grown to hate village weddings because all the girls made fun of me. She pulled roughly on the fabric and the pain jolted me. If someone reproaches me for being critical of the Muslim religion I try to help them understand what they haven’t understood before. When I first read this book slive ago, I was drawn totally into the story.

Because she’d never been educated in the ways of guys She was dreamy and never very attentive to what was said to her. A nurse had come to tear off my dress. I heard alivs sister crying, saying she didn’t want to hear this and that she wanted to go home. There were cries from my mother and then from the baby. He said I should wait – “Until I give you a byrned. But next to me, in a cradle, was my son Marouan.


Dorothy Amazon has it new and used. Burned Alive souav an upsetting account of Souad, but it is also a call to attention.

This was a shocking story of the cruelty that families inflict on daughters that dare to disobey them and their traditions. It is facetious to say we respect the ‘cultural traditions’ of a particular country or peoples when it is clearly not a ‘tradition’ but an oppression masquerading as tradition. I feel differently after reading a lot of other reviews and sadly came to the conclusion that perhaps this is not true. She can easily be called a whore and a slut, for a mere whisper and rumor.

Souad at 17 was condemned by her family when she became pregnant by the ‘boy next door,’ which occurred because she fervently hoped and believed that he w A staggering number of women and girls are killed each year, by members of their own families, in a practice collectively referred to as honor killing.

Locked in the next door room, Souad heard her punishment. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. As an afterthought I was thinking about a book I read a few years ago about a young girl in the Middle East who was doused in kerosene and set on fire to protect her family’s “honor”.