Disano, Disano LED, Fosnova LED, Fosnova Professional & Fosnova Classic ZIP /PDF Catalogue – Italian. Insert username and password in the “access. Consultate il catalogo completo Disano Led dell’azienda Disano Illuminazione su ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ CLD CELL-D al. track. LED white Wlm @ mA- K-CRI xx CLD CELL-D al. track.

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Now the time has come to consider the qualitative performance and help end users understand the possible differences between the many products available on the market. Order with subcode Thanks to the experience and quality of Disano, a worldwide leader in the lighting sector, the Minicomfort ceiling lamps catslogo now available with LEDs.

Aprire il catalogo a pagina 8. Astro wins the technological challenge thanks to a perfect design in terms of shape and technical specifications, making it the perfect product for new installations and relamping projects.

With the same basic characteristics that have guaranteed the caatalogo success over the years, Minicomfort now comes with the main advantages of the LED lighting technology, such as light quality, energy-efficiency and longer service life. A comparison between this product and other popular fixtures incorporating T8 fluorescent lamps shows remarkable energy savings: A simple and innovative solution to illuminate your work spaces with the most advanced technology available in the interior lighting sector.


On streets with luminance levels ranging between 0.

962 Hydro LED – Energy Saving

Register download the specification datasheet of this product. Therefore, diano LEDs to operate properly, guarantee long In the places where workers spend at least eight hours a day, lights should give a correct perception of what workers are doing and ensure visual comfort. How does the LED design process work today?

Aprire il catalogo a pagina These characteristics can be found only in lighting fixtures with high design and manufacturing levels. Manufacturing facility of Ampelmann in the port of Rotterdam. Regulations regarding street lighting and light quality The luminance levels used for street lighting fall within the levels ranging between 0.

Il Salone Online dell’Architettura e del Design. It is a necessary step for ensuring the development of this technology.

Industrial lighting: longer LED life and safety

Anti-dazzle and anti-iridescence, very low luminance. A high-quality LED with an During their manufacturing process, LED bulbs are subjected to thermal and chemical stress, because the electronic components must ler assembled.

If you are already registered, Login. The different combinations of LEDs 16, 24, 32 48 and 72 have very low consumption ranging from 2.


Hydro LED – Energy Saving – Disano Illuminazione spa

Aprire il catalogo a pagina 3. Any statement about the working life of a LED light is considered reliable after assessing the inuence of temperature.

Astro, industria lighting, led, news. Aprire il catalogo a pagina 5.

This enables to operate the lighting xture at reduced power for some installations, according to programmable periods using dedicated sensors, such as light sensors or presence detectors. Catlaogo can be used outdoors, as a suspension lamp and for central road installation, in two versions, with wide beam, symmetric and street light.

In conclusion, spaces with a concentration of potentially toxic substances require specific LED products.

The opposite solution is to allow an exchange of air, but this can be done in a residential space or in the streets, allowing air circulation without completely encapsulating the optics. The lamp’s shape guarantees uniform light distribution: In addition to these practical advantages, there is the lamp’s excellent aesthetics. A larger selection means higher quality, but also higher costs.