Hydrogen water torches are similar to blow torches, but they work at much higher temperatures. One of the major advantages of using a. DIY HHO Torch (Water Torch) for Only $4: Introduction: In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple, cheap and effective HHO torch that can melt sm. Introduction: In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple, cheap and effective HHO torch that can melt small pieces of metals like tin cans. This.

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I would strongly recommend you set up the electrolysis cell with hydrogen captured at the cathode and oxygen captured at the anode, without mixing them, and piped separately to the torch with two independent tubes and mixed at the torch with a pair of valves. What about doing proper hhho, separating oxygen and hydrogen and then mixing it again in regular oxyacetylene xiy torch?

You can even make one yourself using materials available to the average consumer. One of the major advantages of using a hydrogen torch vs. So… what does such a torch get used for?

DIY HHO Mini Torch

Mix it at the nozzle. Instead, the hydrogen torch produces just water while working at temperatures that can weld refractory metals a normal torch can’t.

Completely missed the point.

Clean the carbon rods with fine grade sandpaper. Things Needed 6 volt battery Fine grade sandpaper Wire 9 volt battery Glass container 2 cups water 1 tsp salt inch neoprene tube IV tubing, available at medical supply stores Plastic wrap Steel wool Basketball pump needle available at sporting good stores. Put an inch neoprene tube at the top of the glass container just above the water line, and seal the opening of the container around the tube with plastic wrap.

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This allows him to reduce the orifice size down to non-standard sizes which in turn allows him to increase the intensity of his HHO flame. Wrap a piece of wire around each of the carbon rods, and attach the other end of each wire to a contact on a 9 volt jho.


Shamless plug to my own little micro torch oxy-gas, not hydrogen: Well, you can put your safety in his tirch if you want. But my fucking god, do people actually take premixed oxygen and hydrogen and intentionally light it on fire? You are commenting using your Facebook account. The outside air is required to make any combustion driven piston engine or turbine yho. So, you want to build an oxy-hydrogen blowtorch powered by a water-electrolysis cell to generate the hydrogen and oxygen?

If you are intent on blowing yourself up with a 2: The flame is extremely clean, and you can even use the flame to polish. They can melt platinum.

All in all not all that bad!!

Dyi you just want a bang, splitting and lighting is best return for gas volume. Fill a glass container with two cups of water and a teaspoon of salt.

How to Make a Hydrogen Torch | Sciencing

Perhaps this post could serve as an inspiration for a dual hose, more complex design. I suppose most of the heat is probably getting sent hh, away from the tip but still.

References Five Shades of Green Energy: Many people confuse air and oxygen. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Bubbles will start to form in the water. But HHO welders do have superpowers, they can melt metal by burning water. Too loud to do that in the city, now, though. Carbon Dioxide is only 0. I never heard of any accident involving one of these devices, and I have been in the trade for quite some time now. What are these people talking about, commercial gas generators use water and caustic mix and generate gas in the same cell, too many idiots with off the wall ideas who have no idea about commercial gas generators for welding, nothing to do with fringe science, these gas generators have been made this way for decades, not enough stored gas to give any problem, very safe and very reliable.


Was easy since the fittings were the same then.

Best of all, this incredibly powerful torch costs much less than a traditional torch. How to Make a Hydrogen Torch. Any kind of flashback on that is going to burn all the way back to the generator, since the gas is pre-mixed at a nearly perfect stoichiometric ratio.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ah, Sorry I do see what you mean about heating the inert gasses. Yes — simply change HHO to oxyhydrogen and that would solve it.

Looking around on their site, they even have needles mounted in pipe tirch fittings, ready for use as nozzles! The gas in my system was minimal less than 5ml in the wet cell electrolyser and torrch in the bubbler, a flash back would only produce a nice pop. All the rest of the 0. Furthermore, whilst hydrogen is flammable, the pre-mixed stoichiometric hydrogen-oxygen mixture produced by just allowing the gases produced in the cell at the anode and the cathode to freely mix together is basically a potent pre-mixed explosive ready to detonate, so having that mixture hanging around through the system as opposed to mixing it only right where it burns is relatively dangerous.

They are common tools in a jewelers arsenal. When you are ready to use your viy torch, light the end of the basketball pump needle uho a match. This allows you to adjust and control the oxygen-fuel ratio entering the torch.

But yeah, HHO has the tendency to have be correlated with diyy idiots and other physics-challenged people who think that when you turn energy into another form of energy you suddenly have more energy despite the loss of energy when you are converting it.