American DJ ®. User Instructions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 9. 5. 6. 7. 8. DMX MIDI. SCENE SETTER™. C A P A B L E. 16 5m. MINS. SHOW. MODE.1Sec. SCENE SETTER Elation Professional R Read the instruction in this manual carefully and thoroughly, as they give important. ELATION. PROFESSIONAL. SCENE SETTER. TI. 24 CH Dimmer Console . Read the instruction in this manual carefully and thoroughly, asthey give important.

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Do not spill water or other liquids in to or on to settter unit. Information, specifications, diagrams, images, and instructions herein are subject to change without notice.

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There are 7 items in this product group. Your four step chase pattern will begin to run. For programming details, see the programming section beginning on page X Crossfader: The American DJ Scene Setter is a smart channel lighting console, with adopted digital technology that will give mahual complete dimming control of b Click To.

Frequently Asked Questions Please see our frequently asked questions below. Sending Midi File Dump 3.

Insert a step with channels fully on at a time between step 4 and step 5 of program See programing on page The 8 momentary Bump Buttons are used to bring each individual channel to full intensity regardless of the Blackout 15 function or the Master Level 8 setting.


Every has been thoroughly tested. You should find inside the Elemen8 carton the following.

Stage Setter-24

Move X and Y Crossfaders to maximum. Thank you for purchasing the Elation Professional Stage Setter 8.

If you are making your own cables be sure to use standard two conductor shielded cable This cable may be purchased at almost all pro sound and lighting stores. Country of origin of this product. Carefully check the shipping More information.

Contents Features 1 General Instructions 2 1. Of course, we discovered that there was no such button after removing the camera.


This button is used to disable all channel output Using a cable terminator will decrease the possibilities of erratic behavior. Every has been thoroughly tested and manuxl More information. After I added the proper link so that you can elafion as if you prefer I added my actual response to the question. Elation scene setter 24 or Here is a link to the manual for the I haven’t done anything with the midi options but the manual may have.


To test your program press the Pattern 6 Button. While in Record mode, press and hold the Record button, then tap Elatioon buttons 1, 4, 2 and 3.

Downloads The following downloads are available for this product: When in the 2×8 or 8×8 mode, each pattern can only be programmed using Scene X Sliders 2and each step will only includes Channels Please login or register.

This manual also for: First we were told that what we settr done couldn’t be done, then a tech at Canon decided that the only way to get back the remote control functions was to push the “reset” button.

STAGE SETTER User Instructions. Elation Professional – PDF

Every has been thoroughly More information. The Elation is a unique 16 channel DMX flation. You can continue programming or exit. There are no user serviceable parts inside this unit.