Focusrite’s previous Platinum units have taken a fresh approach to signal processing, providing a different sound or feature to their designs – the Compounder. Focusrite logo · Novation logo Focusrite Pro logo Ampify logo. We use cookies on this website to ensure that the site will work properly on your web browser. Article Applies to: Platinum Compounder No LEDs illuminate • Is the POWER switched on? • Is the Compounder Troubleshooting Guide (See User Manual ).

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Be afraid, be very afraid!

The gate can be used to shut out unwanted signal, or compoundsr switched to expand mode, a gentler form of noise reduction is employed, as signals are lowered depending on the threshold settings. Verder lezen Quick View. Het is uitermate geschikt voor gemakkelijke toepassingen zoals tentoonstellingen, kleine winkels en evenals voor het testen van uw DMX-uitrusting.

It allows users to select between two VGA sources with audio and route the selected source to a video output device such as a data monitor or projector. Compouneer switched to stereo the left channel becomes the master section and controls both left and right compressor and limitersections simultaneously, allowing perfect stereo effects to be made from one set of controls.

Decoratie- en effectverlichting ontmoeten elkaar dankzij de LED Sphere Neem de decoratieverlichting voortaan ook op in de lichtshow. Get even more bass — if you write, perform or produce dance mwnual, this button alone makes the Compounder a must have unit.

Focusrite ComPounder Manuals

The expander circuit generates extra Bassharmonics to fatten up any low frequency signal. Quiet operation — unique opto circuit means no pops or clicks. Omdat de lightjockey de Spheres van kleur kan laten veranderen wordt zo het decoratielicht meegenomen in de kleurenmix van de dansvloer.


See any errors on this page? Not specified by manufacturer. ID bits on pins 4, 11, 12, 15 from inputs 1 and 2: The combination of high quality compression with the powerful Bass Expander makes this unit a must have for any dance music engineer or musician. This highly featured unit is an essential tool for any style of music. Expander switch — for noise reduction on difficult audio tracks such as vocals. Inputs include five mics, two phono, and three aux. It combines these great features with a single-line digital telephone hybrid and a 10W amplifier, resulting in a complete teleconferencing unit.

A Focusrite only sounds like a Focusrite because all audio processing sections of the unit are unique Focusrite Class A circuit designs, we do not employ any standard off the shelf VCA components.

Each channel can be used independently, or linked for true stereo operation. Reviews 0 Write a review.

Focusrite Compounder Studio Compressor download instruction manual pdf

Het kan met 6 DMX-kanalen bestuurd worden RGB en voorgeprogrammeerde chases en kleuren of automatisch met zijn ingebouwde processor of muziekgestuurd met zijn ingebouwde microfoon. Hij beschikt over een eigen netsnoer, dus er zijn geen extra voedingen nodig. En dat zorgt voor een mooi aanzicht. Each stage of the Compounder is optimised in design and component performance to get that legendary Focusrite smooth and pleasantly warm audio performance.

Class A Low distortion design, mainly 2nd order distortion occurs during limiting which is virtually undetectable by the human ear. Input — 20m 66 ft. Can be powered from mains or 24VDC. Neem de decoratieverlichting voortaan ook op in de lichtshow. Niet alleen is het een mooie decoratieve toevoeging, ook de lightjockey kan er mee overweg.

De bol heeft een diameter van 50 cm en is zodoende aardig groot. The Platinum Compounder is a high performance dynamics processor designed for the quality conscious professional and project studio owner. Class A amplifier — superb sound, low distortion. The unique sound of Focusrite compression is considered by many of the top industry professionals as the key to achieving a clean and controlled mix with all the punch and clarity that makes the difference between success and failure.


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Een DMX in- en output maakt doorlussen erg eenvoudig. This is the most accurate form of stereo control as both channels, including makeup level controls compoudner bass expander settings, are perfectly matched. Soft and Hard Knee — choice of compression Wide Ratio control — from gentle to beyond infinity to get that classic, pumping sound.

Focusrite Compounder instruction manual and user guide

Huge — Get even more Bass. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

The fine sensitivity of the scale means very accurate and specific levels can be set. Accurate Threshold Control means Limiting only occurs exactly where you set it and therefore only as and when required. Bitstream audio is also supported — mxnual LPCM 7.

Technische info van de DMX-sfeerbol De bol heeft een diameter van 50 cm en is zodoende aardig groot.

Variable or fixed mS to 4Sec. Inductor powered bass expander – boosts kick drums and bass riffs.

Focusrite ComPounder Manuals

Write a review fvzqbyxqudwyaxxu. Make it sound clean or fat or even make it pump! Yes, with optional under-desk mounting kit or through-desk mounting kit. NOTE Specifications are subject to change without notice.