All this came to mind recently when I picked up a novel I’d been meaning to read for many years, John Barth’s The Sot-Weed Factor. Reading. The Sot-Weed Factor. John Barth. ‚ÄúThis is Barth’s most distinguished masterpiece . This modern classic is a hilarious tribute to all the most insidious human vices. ii 1 03 THE SOX-WEED FACTOR by John Barth THE FI-OATINC OPFJRA THE KKI> OF XJfcUE ROAJD THJ SOT-‘WJeKO FACTOR The SOT-WEED.

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The title of Ann Bauer’s May 18 article on Salon. At least the prostitutes were diseased. Aye, spread the word! I’ll get distracted looking at the adult they are with and wondering what relationship dynamic they share that they aren’t studying what they are doing.

It kills me when I go to the movies and I’m sitting next to some little kid that has to stu We sit here on a blind rock careening through space; we are all of us rushing headlong to the grave. In America, where good health has always been considered something of a birthright, we resent doctors. There is a certain amount of irony and satire involved, which becomes more evident when read in context.

In any case, I did make it to the end of the story where the oh so polite author apologized. I was interested from time to time in the horrors of indentured servitude.

A Chiefest Pleasure: Discovering The Sot-Weed Factor on its 50th Birthday

Burlingame had disappeared for no apparent reason after teaching Ebenezer and his twin sister, Anna, at the estate of their father, Andrew, in St. I loved the first two. She thought I thought they were obscene and that’s why I disliked them.


The companies that make these drugs want you to want them, but as soon as you do, you probably should not have them. The style could well be Fielding, except that Barth jon even more hilarious. Some other random BEA observations: Beyond any logical explanation, BEA did include a teeth-whitening booth right in the mix close to scores of children’s book publishers, as well as Continuum and McSweeney’s.

So they took lives for their own.

For Barth, then, the telling of the story is the story. He undergoes adventures on his journey to and within Maryland while striving to preserve his virginity. I should also mention my favorite doctor in literature, Sog.

The first sort hath its archetype in Adam; the second in Satan.

THE SOT- WEED FACTOR : JOHN BARTH : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The Sot-Weed Factor – http: While writing these books, Barth was also pondering and discussing the theoretical problems of fiction writing, most notably in an essay, “The Literature of Exhaustion” first printed in the Atlantic,that was widely considered to be a statement of “the death of the novel” compare with Roland Barthes’s “The Death of the Author”. Set in the s, it’s awash in lyrical excess, bawdy humor, historical satire, human vice, roguish fools, epic intent, and pirates and Indians and prostitutes and poets, oh my!

We might enjoy some parts more than others: When forced to come up with an improvised bum-swab, he summons his knowledge of philosophy, history and literature. I probably would be less moany about this one if I wasn’t writing a review of it. Anyway, this novel is hilarious and great fun to read, although I do admit it seemed a bit long factot its length is probably appropriate for its epic sweep.


Spin and Tangle However, it also suggests that an aot doesn’t necessarily understand the true effect or import of their own tale. I knew naught of John Barth till I read this. I’ve never seen such a booth at BEA before, but it struck me, like most everything else about the weekend, as emblematic of where I was, something about the authenticity of the superficiality. Greenberg, who never believes that he is clinically depressed even as he dutifully takes his Mass General fish oil, Mr.

I’ll just say that it was much better than I could ever have hoped, and I think it’s required reading for anyone at all into long, postmodern novels. It is, instead, an historical farce, and so perforce more honest.


I feel that these are a classy way to display ones self, as well as carrying a sword to defend one’s honor. Eve is never done paying the price of seduction it seems. Henry reveals bartu Anna is in Maryland and Ebenezer resolves to find her. What poets do Does attract her. This experience has persuaded me that, at least in Barth’s case, I should trust the author’s assessment of appropriate length: