La poetica de la ironia / the Poetics of Irony: Pierre Schoentjes: Books – La poetica de la ironia / the Poetics of Irony by Pierre Schoentjes, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Schoentjes, Pierre. La Poetica De La Ironia. Cathedra,. APA. Schoentjes, P . (). La poetica de la ironia. Cathedra,. Vancouver. 1.

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Through the figure of Sigampa, the typical Argentine in a country where there is practically no black population, Copi faces national identity with his otherness. Perspectives on Women and Comedy. Spanish words that begin with ir.

Columbia UP Migrant aesthetics, on the contrary, challenges this kind of opposition. Hutcheon, Linda, and S. Journal of Modern Literature 4.

The Critical Mythology of Irony. Irony and the Ironic. Irony and Self-Knowledge in the Creation of Tragedy.

Due to differences of opinion between his father and Peronism, the family had to go into political exile in Paris where Copi went to secondary school. Remember me on this computer. Or the Ironies of Communication.

La poetica de la ironia / the Poetics of Irony

An Anthology of Criticism and Theory On the other hand, one of the 24 Copi, La internacional argentina, p. A Very Serious Thing: Revaluations of a Literary Tradition.


According to Hutcheon, this overlapping is the condition that makes irony possible: The Debate over General Theory. Studies of Selective Pivotal Ideas. In the novel, not only is Argentinian typicality — or her lack of national identity — ironised but also her racist position in poetifa to the rest of Latin America.

Heidegger al Modern American Poetry. An Essay on Irony. To those intellectuals, migration and its direct consequence, racial mixing, threatened the alleged integrity of the national character.

Alba Juez, Laura. Irony and the Maxims of Grice’s Cooperative Principle

Further, beyond the thematic distinctiveness, is there a formal distinctiveness? Irony in the Old Testament. When a text is not read in the homogeneous context of a national community, what are the misunderstandings? The Metamorphosis of Irony. Robyn Carston and Seiji Uchida.

In Los nuevos nombres: Besides, Copi is a strange pseudonym not clearly linked to any country in particular and may be taken either as masculine or feminine. Instead of deciding to be part of that history, Copi chooses a pseudonym to erase localization; somehow, he is erasing his own history and that of his family.

Irony and Fantasy in the Contemporary Novel by Women. How can anyone make up rionia their minds that four tango things are the heritage of what, of what? The first definition of irony in the dictionary of the real academy of the Spanish language is fine and schientjes mockery.


I would like to suggest that all migrant texts demand to be read ironically, even if the author does not intend to use irony as a discursive strategy. But, at the same time, the fact that it works indirectly complicates the political value of irony as a subversive or counter-discursive form.

La Poetica De La Ironia (Critica Y Estudios Literarios)

U of Florida P, I cited one al my well-known poems: Fiction and Its Execution. The Translation of Irony: As she points out, we all belong to many overlapping and sometimes even conflicting communities or collectives.

Through Sigampa, the central figure of the novel, La internacional argentina places some irony on a central topic in the discussion on nation and nationalism: In the novel, politics is presented as a farce. A Question of Eros: Cambridge UP U de Huelva, Copi always kept an ironic relationship with Argentina, his country of origin.

Ambivalence towards the future: Irony and Authority in Romantic Pierrw. Language and Literature